• Minimum 12 years old with 1 year prior racing experience.
  • Proof of age required prior to first race for ages 13-17. (Birth Certificate, State I.D., or Passport)
    • May be submitted online HERE.


  • Westhold transponders are mandatory. (Available to rent at pit gate)
    • Placement for transponder is as follows: Mounted on rear axle tube. 


  • 1928-1948 American-made production vehicles only. 5/8 scale. 2-door vintage coup, sedan, sedan delivery wagon or pick-up truck. These are to be known as Classic Modified body styles. No open top cars (roadsters or convertibles). Closed top only, meaning hardtop.
  • Body will be metal construction, 26-gauge steel or .040″ aluminum minimum. All exposed edges must be folded or trimmed over. Contour must follow frame and roll cage. Roof hatch allowed. Legend cars may be allowed under local rules.
  • Doors, windows and cowlings must retain stock appearance. Hood louvers allowed for cooling, but maintain stock contour. Driver’s door must be operational and equipped with a secure latch.
  • Engine compartment must conform to scale and match contour bodv. Hood may be cut for breather clearance only. Ram air induction system prohibited.
  • Must have closed trunk lid or fully enclosed trunk access panel conforming to original body lines.
  • Louvers allowed, no holes.
  • No fenders, unless running a Legend car.
  • No wings or spoilers.


  • Must weigh 1240 lbs. with driver after feature.


  • Must be 750cc.
  • Must be 2016 or older.
  • MUST have original serial numbers. VIN codes reveal who manufactured the motorcycle, its model, engine size and other characteristics, where the motorcycle was manufactured (both country and plant) as well as the year it rolled off the assembly line.
  • NO spec or super spec engines.


  • IF running degreed cam gears, you MUST run Hoosiers onlv.
  • IF running a stock engine, you may run American Racers OR Hoosiers.