The following rules are set as a guide and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants or others. Track officials have the final decision. If there are any concerns not covered in these rules, consider alterations to be illegal unless told otherwise by the Good’s Raceway Tech Inspector.


  • 8-15 years old
  • Proof of age required prior to first race. (Birth Certificate, State I.D., or Passport)
    • May be submitted online HERE.


  • Must be a used micro frame chassis and cage.


  • Westhold transponders are mandatory. (Available to rent at pit gate)
    • Placement for transponder is as follows: 21″ behind front axle on right side of car. 


  • Open


  • Must weigh 500 lb minimum after feature


  • Driver must be wearing a helmet, race suit and race shoes.
  • Driver and arm restraints are mandatory.
  • Raceceiver is mandatory!
  • Neck restraint is mandatory!


  • Must be in reach of the driver.


  • A chain guard must be constructed to prevent chain from hitting the driver in case of chain failure.


  • Bumpers are recommended. If running bumpers the following is required:
    • Front and rear bumper to be 4″ to 6″ narrower than the overall width of the front and rear tires.
    • Front bumper to be a loop style.


  • 9 hp Honda GX 270 Industrial – Model QAEZ, Honda part #558400 with electric starter that is functional.
  • Governor is not mandatory.
  • Counterbalance shaft is mandatory.
  • Stock air cleaner only. – No forced air induction.
  • Must run stock 9 hp. cam; lift and profile subject to degree wheel and dial indicator tech. No aftermarket reground cams permitted.
  • Compression release must be functional. – All valve train components must remain stock. No tech on valve lash adjustments.
  • Stock 9 hp carburetor only; bores, venture, jet, orifices, emulsion tube and other internal part diameters are subject to tech against a known stock 9 hp carburetor.
  • No lightening of flywheel; must contain all internal magnets and the generating coil intact and functional as per O.E.M.
  • Combustion chamber subject minimum volume cc tech.
  • Multiple head gaskets may be used to meet minimum volume tech.
  • Ignition timing must remain in stock location. Subject to degree wheel BTC tech.
  • No porting, polishing, beveling or adding epoxy. Removal or addition of material in port areas is not permitted!
  • Stock bore and stroke only.
  • Any component not mentioned is to remain as per O.E.M.
  • Do not read anything into the engine rules as to what is not there.


  • Clutch is to be shoe style only. NO plated type disc clutches.


  • Fuel subject to tech by electronic meter, water test or gas calibrated hydrometer.
  • Gravity fed system or pulse pump only.
  • Pump fuel only.


  • Mufflers or headers mandatory.
  • No flammable oil additives.
  • Oil subject to flame test after feature event.

The spirit and intent for the Jr. Sprints is to provide a relatively cost efficient, controlled and competitive division for our younger racers. In an effort to limit expensive performance modifications, it may be necessary at times to alter the rules. Any questions, please direct them to Jim Good @ 330-612-6952.