1. Completely STOCK car. No full size cars, mini vans, vans or trucks of any kind. No 4×4, all-wheel drive, or 8 cylinder vehicles. 

2. All glass, trim, plastic and debris must be removed from car. No rear bumper cover. Front ok if well secured. 

3. If roll cage, 4 points or more. Roll cages are highly recommended. Bar between door pillar to door pillar located behind driver’s seat mandatory. Bar inside or outside driver’s door starting behind front fender extending at least 12” beyond driver’s door MANDATORY.

4. Seatbelts, shoulder belts and helmets (SFI 2010 approved or newer) required.

5. Must have fire extinguisher located in an easily accessible position. Fire suits are HIGHLY recommended. Jeans and long sleeve shirt MINIMUM.

6. Doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut.

7. Driver windshield protection must be bars and screen along with screen or net on door.

8. ALL Air bags are to be removed.

9. Battery must be secured.

10. Fuel tanks must be in original position. Fuel cells allowed.

11. No rotted floors.

12. No reinforced bumpers or tubed bumpers allowed.

13. No locked rear ends.

14. No trailer hitches.

15. No derby cars. No plating or welding of subframes or unibody outside rust repair.

16. Exhaust must be past fire wall. NO full exhaust. 

17. No snow tires or mud tread. DOT 60 or 70 series tires only. NO grooving of tires allowed.

18. Must have 18″ or larger numbers on the sides and tops of vehicles.

19. No one under the age of 18 allowed to drive. Minimum age of 16 ONLY with parent’s consent with signed form. 

20. All vehicles will go through inspections. If found cheating, you will not be allowed to race and there will be no refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS!

21. Absolutely no passengers allowed, per insurance.

22. If you can’t compete the rest of the night in your primary car, you CAN NOT leave to get another car. 

23. Your car is subject to inspection at any given time at track request. If car fails inspection, you and your car will not be allowed to compete and ejected from race. 

24. This is RACING, not WRECKING. Deliberately wrecking someone will get you disqualified. 

Any questions, please call Jim Good @ 330-612-6952