The following rules are set as a guide, and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants or others. Track officials have the final decision. If there are any concerns not covered in these rules, consider alterations to be illegal unless told otherwise by the Good’s Raceway Tech Inspector.

This is a claiming division. A car can only be claimed after winning 3 feature events in a row. Everything but the fuel cell and racing seat goes. The claim is $1,500.00 and your race car. Only the owner of a car finishing on the lead lap may claim a car. Claim must be placed with the Race Director 30 minutes prior to Feature Event. Car being claimed must win feature the day of the claim to consummate claim. If any owner refuses to sell their car upon proper claim, car refusing will be suspended from racing in the Mini Stock Division at Good’s Raceway for the remainder of the season. The person claiming the car forfeits THEIR OWN car minus the racing seat and fuel cell.


  • Minimum 14 years old with 1 year prior racing experience.
  • Proof of age required prior to first race for ages 14-17. (Birth Certificate, State I.D., or Passport)
    • May be submitted online HERE.


  • All roll cage and other bars mentioned in these rules shall be 1.5″ diameter by 0.095 thick tubing minimum.
  • All cars must have a 4 point roll cage with a bar across the dash between the front down bars. Doors may be cut out and replaced with a minimum of 3 or more door bars. There can be one bar between bumper shocks behind the bumper to protect the radiator. Hoop type bar up from bumper shock to bumper shock is permitted with one 10″ support back to each bumper shock.
  • No rub rails.
  • All cars must have a racing type seat belt harness. A race seat is mandatory.
  • All drivers must have an approved racing helmet and firesuit. Neck restraints (Hans, NexGen,Zamp, etc.) are MANDATORY!
  • All cars are to be equipped with a fully charged fire extinguisher properly mounted.
  • All cars must have a window net.
  • All drivers must have a Raceceiver, they are MANDATORY!


  • Front and rear wheel drive vehicles. 2 wheel drive only. No mid-engine or rear-engine vehicles allowed.
  • All exterior plastic, lights, lenses, and moldings must be removed. All glass must be removed. Front windshield is allowed.
  • All interior except dash must be removed. Dash is allowed to remain in tact if you choose. No mirrors.
  • Weight may be added but it must be securely mounted per Tech inspector’s approval.
  • A firewall is mandatory between driver and trunk, if fuel cell is present.


  • All body panels must be stock appearing bodies. Should be kept neat in appearance.
  • Numbers on both sides and roof. Numbers must be 15″ minimum height. 
  • Tow hook or chains – front and rear MANDATORY.


  • Stock 4 or 6 cylinders only.
  • No turbos.
  • Exhaust must exit out behind the driver’s seat with quiet, stock type muffler.
  • Maximum compression must be within 2% of factory stock. Max compression of 195 lb percylinder.
  • Exhaust manifold – Stock manifold to match year of engine.
  • No aftermarket headers.
  • Intake manifold and throttle body must be stock and match year of engine.
  • No adaptors or riser plates.


  • Any stock automatic or standard transmission. 
  • Must use stock flywheel and clutch. No aluminum.
  • Differentials – welding of gears OK.


  • Must be completely stock with all components in stock location. 
  • No altering of front or rear springs. 
  • Camber allowed in right front only. 
  • Rear shock towers may be supported. Rear shock tower support may be connected to main roll cage.


  • May use stock fuel tank. 
  • If using a fuel cell, it must be an approved racing type and be fastened securely with a firewall between driver and fuel cell. 
  • If fuel line is run in the interior, must be ran in a steel pipe. 


  • 6” minimum and 8” maximum allowed.


  • Tires must be street radials with a minimum 6” of tread.
  • Right front MUST be 8” of tread. NO exceptions
  • No mud tires.
  • No snow tires. 
  • No race tires.
  • No recaps.
  • Again, NO exceptions!

If you are unable to compete the rest of the night in your primary car, you CAN NOT leave to get another car. Your car is subject to inspection at any given time at track request. If car fails inspection, you and your car will not be allowed to compete and no points will be collected.

If there is a spec that you are unsure of, please do not assume that it will be acceptable or legal. If you have questions about rules, please contact Jim Good @ 330-612-6952.