JR Sprints

These cars are a micro sprint chassis and cage, with a Honda 9 HP motor. The motor has to be completely stock. Great starter division for our young and upcoming drivers.
Age Requirements- 8 – 15 y/o with no prior experience.

JR Sportsmans

There are 2 types of bodies that can be ran on these cars in this division. A Dwarf body can run 600cc or 750cc motorcycle engine. In comparison, a Mod Lite body can only run a 600cc motorcycle engine. This division is perfect for the transition phase from a Jr Sprint to the regular Sportsman or Mod Lite cars.
Age Requirements- 10 – 12 y/o with 1 yr prior racing experience & 13+ y/o with no prior experience.

270 Micro Sprints

This division can run a 2 stroke 250cc engine with a max displacement of 270cc or a 450cc 4 stroke stock bore and stroke. They run 2 wings; a top wing is mandatory and a front wing is optional.

Mod Lites

These cars are a 5/8th scale version of the Northeast DIRT modifieds. They run a 1000cc motorcycle engine. Mod Lite cars are an economical alternative to
traditional oval track racing.

Mini Stocks

These are everyday small compact cars (Civic, Cavalier, Cobalt, etc). They run a 4 or 6 cylinder non-turbo engine. Automatic or standard transmission allowed. Tires must be DOT approved. Must have a full roll cage.

Side X Sides

This division consists of 2 classes, Turbo and Non-Turbo. Both do require dirt race tires or used all-season radials. No aggressive or knobby tires allowed. Doors mandatory. Window net or arm restraints mandatory.

Sportsman Dwarfs

This division sports a late 20s and 30s body style. These cars run a 750cc motorcycle engine but can also run up to an 1100cc carbureted engine.

Jen & Jim Good